40 Replies to “eCommerce – The Hard Truth About Passive Income | Is It Still Possible To Make Money With Blogging?”

  1. Do you think it's possible to make income without doing any work? If you do, leave a comment below with “yes”. If you do, leave a comment below with “no”.

  2. I am somewhat sceptical by nature, so I long ago realised that all this big promises of easy money where not worth my time. If it really works then surely they would keep it to themselves rather then adding to the competition. I know I would.

  3. The funniest are all those courses teaching you how to set up your onlnine store using Crapify in few clicks, import some garbage from aliexpress and become a millionaire overnight.

  4. I agree with you 100% Neil. Many times people think that when they start an online business, the results will be faster because of the fact that it's online. Yet, it's just as hard as building a traditional 'brick and mortar' business. It certainly does have the potential to make you a passive income but as you said, one needs to adapt and keep learning and adopting strategies to be ahead in the game. Great video!

  5. I believe you need a physical product to sell that people want to buy. A physical product could be an ebook. But merely starting a bog and putting affiliates on it, I can't see where the profit is. And I'm sure you have to do the same work as any start up. But to start up you do have to learn how to use social media. Any business takes a lot of work and most of them fail.

  6. It depends on your market. For example, I`m from a small country in Northen Europe. I have little or no competition at all. Yes, I can not make millions of dollars, but I can easily make decent passive income. Sometimes small markets and small niches can be your advantage.

  7. No ofcourse you can't make money online without putting in any work. I don't think that was ever the case. You still had to invest time, money and/or effort in building a site, writing articles, filming Youtube video's, creating ad campaigns etc, etc.

    What makes the Passive Income lifestyle attractive for me is not so much doing nothing, but investing work and time in products and services which interest me personally. And also not working in an office with bad airconditioning, dealing with gossiping coworkers and mediocre management.

  8. Really appreciate this honesty! My blog is doing better than I imagined it could when I started, but I know I need to keep working, keep trying new things and figure out how to turn it into an actual brand and business. Thanks for all of the helpful information!

  9. It’s not possible! You gotta work your butt off! I post 3 days a week and started a fb group and spend all of my feed time doing this business.

    It’s starting to grow and really exciting now 🙂 I owe a lot of this to you Neil. You are my inspiration!

  10. I think passive income is definitely possible. There just isn’t as many quick wins. I’ve read loads of stories / spoke to a lot of people who have capitalised on something like amazon merch or a subscription box etc. They found it very hard to maintain the income they got when they started and are still hiding behind their early wins.

    This video is so true though, beware of people that are screaming and shouting about their early wins and are now trying to sell you a course.

    We just need to keep our eyes out for the next dropshipping or the next fb ads etc.

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