18 Replies to “eCommerce – $2,000/Month Profit on Amazon FBA with One Product! (Amazon FBA Product Research 2019)”

  1. How can you have high margin but low ROI? The two are correlated the two metrics have positive correlation on Amazon. The only scenario where that may occur is if you have very high fees or carrying costs which are covered by sales revenue, or in a highly leveraged scenario. But Amazon fees are fixed percentage.

  2. Finally got my $3,000 saved (only 2 weeks over my goal, just moved to another city and expenses were more than planned), my little ebay store sales, a little garage sale, a couple bigger ticket items sold on craigslist, now I am READY!!!! Got to move some cash to the bank tomorrow and I'm ON BOARD with your course and cash for inventory!!! Can hardly wait! I have worked my tail off for this!

  3. Hello Beau, good content. So if you start FBA and choose this product, how many items do you need to order from your supplier, to begin with? How do you find suppliers for such items?

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