31 Replies to “eCom – Review Why the secret to success is setting the right goals | John Doerr”

  1. Before you can achieve anything in life, first you have to know what you want, set your goal and make it happen. The power in goal setting is believed to lie in the articulation of the difference between where we are now and where we want to be.

  2. Inspirational but the example goals that John Doerr showed were to big for my mind to digest. Nevertheless he is right and his topic is very much well grounded.

    I can customize his talk to suit me by making microgoals. My basis is the microresolutions of Carol Arnold's book Small Move, Big Change. Combining the lessons of Doerr and Arnold can boost my productivity on both personal and professional areas.

  3. I love how this resonates with Simon Sinek's work, starting with Why. The great addition this has for me is OKR's expression of How. I hope to put this to good use.

  4. this is just bla bla of a good willing but blind man. this world is exactly the result of what mankind wants (for example mobils, digitals, and so on and SUCCESS). lot of success leads into destruction – see that is what we produced by being successful and we still reach out for more of it. stupidity or blindness.

  5. Great framework spoken by a Left Wing Kook who wants to spend everyone's money but his own. I'm sure he has donated, etc, but capitalism with a reliance on Almighty God is the greatest opportunity engine the world has ever known. So yes, let's do get back on the right path and leave the mentality of we are one legislation (gov't program) away from utopia when in fact we are one more legislation toward oppression.

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