11 Replies to “eCommerce – Scaling Merch by Amazon Success w/ RJ Martinez | REEZY TALKS #42 | Amazon Merch Tips”

  1. i will never follow a guy who is acting like he forgot something just because he doesn't want to share it, just say that you don't want to say it. bad vibes from the guy.

  2. Great interview! I really love your show. A question about uploading VAs: So RJ has this by our standards super poor Filipino who gets 20 cent per upload and she has access to RJ's Amazon account where she can see how much he is doing per week? Sounds crazy to me! 🙂

  3. You guys killing! Just started watching you guys a week ago and I'm hooked. You guys are now part of my daily routine along with Gary Vee and other greats. Keep it up guys, make 2018 your BITCH!

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