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  1. For All who has the 404 problem with the slug: sorry my english is not good but i try 🙂 you Must Write this ^ char at .htaccess so RewriteRule[SPACE]^[SPACE]index.php [QSA,L]

  2. Hi, I have the errors 404, The requested URL /cart/public/products/moucasin was not found on this server.

    how to do for fix this, I have a same code with a tutoriel, thank's for your answers

  3. I am using Laravel 5.4, And I am trying to convert "{% if product.hasLowStock %}" into "@if()", I am getting stuck on the "product.hasLowStock" part, how would i write that one piece in laravel 5.4.

  4. got upto the minutes 3.59. have issue with the Routes and ProductController. if i type in the slug or reference it via the link or image, i get 404 error not found. the url is correct /products/Slugname the routes and all the code seem correct. not sure why this is happening. its almost asif the products controller page isnt even being used, as if intentionally make errors in it, the page will load up as usual
    any advice?

  5. Hello, if you have problems with this error.

    Slim Application Error. Relationship method must return an object of type Illuminate Database Eloquent Relations Relation

    Try changing this line.

    {% If product.hasLowStock%}

    For this

    {% If product.hasLowStock ()%}

    Put the parenthesis in each method to the product.twig file

    Or check this information


    This worked for me.


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