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  1. I personally would of appreciated if you transparently added into the video stuff like "so right now you are part of our YouTube content funnel and before this video you likely saw our YouTube ad which if you clicked on would put you at this stage of our ad funnel. if you've ever been on our website and didn't make a purchase then that would put you right here in our retargetting funnel…etc" I think that kind of perspective would of been really cool because it helps build trust through transparency plus we would be getting both the perspective of the customer and the perspective of the business owner, which I think in itself is pretty valuable. That's just my opinion though, maybe you chose not to do that for a reason I'm not privy too but maybe you just didn't think of it yet. Either way it's just food for thought. Thanks for the info Anton! 🙂

  2. I am a very visual learner and this helped me a lot, however the ¨bump"part you jumped around a lot between clickfunnels and shopify. I havent used click funnels so that made many things confusing about this video. However I am subscribing because I did find your information very useful , also I am hoping other of your videos are more clear. Thanks for sharing

  3. During the video you said you were gonna drop a link to your email marketing video, I'm not seeing it in the description. Am I blind? or did you just forget to put it in there?

  4. Let me ask you something. I just got started, my goal at the moment is to take the time to really dive into learning but while I do it so, would be nice to make at least a bit of money so I can invest in courses. I have a brand new shopify store, all is setup but I dont have any funnels plan. Where should I even start, should i try to generate leads and learn email marketing, set up email funnels or should I start with ppc before even know how to email funnel possible customers? Its very overwhelming for someone just steping into the whole thing.

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