10 Replies to “eCommerce – How to process orders on AliDropship”

  1. What should I do if the process stopped and saying: This product variation is not available, I clicked "Check product on Aliexpress" and then what? do I have to purchase this variation from Aliexpress manually?

  2. im so glad i found this, ive been making sales like crazy lately but didnt think i had to do anything other than fullfill item on shopify itself and i was making a little bit too much money so i thought it was weird

  3. this video is good but somewhat incomplete. You forgot to include a really important part…. how did you get to that screen for the Dashboard? where did you log in? i just realized that you had to go into your WordPress Admin login., then click on the AliDropship tab on the left than you can click on "orders". Need to redo this video and include those first steps cause its gets kinda confusing in the beginning where you don't know where to go and how you go there.

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