23 Replies to “eCom – Review Discounting is for Dummies – Here’s Why And What to Do Instead | Sales Training”

  1. I 100% agree Neil, thank you for the confirmation, I have the same experience (after doing it wrong in the beginning believing that discounts were great, they aren't)!

  2. Neil, no disrespect, but I guess you are talking about a market where there is monopoly. For example, if I am the only service provider or a manufacturer for a particular product or service, I may have the leverage of not giving discounts to my client. However, where is such kind of market condition in real world? Just imagine you saying NO to your clients and your competition agreeing to providing them the discount which you said NO too. Could you shed some light on such a scenario Mr. Patel?

  3. Dear sir
    I want traffic to my fully new (Fashion blog) from Pinterest, but I notice getting clicks on my blog through visit button but not count by blogger stats. So it not helps in my post rank on Google, because may be Google not count Pinterest traffic.
    But I see many blogs traffic which come from referrals by Pinterest in similar web tool . So give your valuable reply. Thanx

  4. Hi Neil…
    Thanks for this video and I think it is important for the business to factor the discount in mind when setting the price.
    I asked you for creating a video about backlinking so I'm excited about the video…

  5. I would probably agree with you but in my situation we give a new customer discount of 15% because we have such a new and unique product. Some people are hesitant to try so the one time discount has helped us sell more product. Every situation is different…so evaluate before you discount discounts 😉

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