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  1. Every time heard people says tofu is vegan food I die <——- it is our everyday food, we often cook it with fish and meat!!!!!!!!!!! Yes it is vegan, but you wont say rice is vegan food right?

  2. Stop calling vegetarian stuff after meat based things it's bullshit
    Literally! Fake meat and dairy doesn't taste the same and most of the time is quite horrible! If it's made of bean call it a bean sandwich stop calling it a burger! If it's tofu call it tofu not a artificial beef Patty it's not!

  3. Are you inviting them back for a taste test of the Beyond and Impossible Meats? These brands also have sausage and other products also there are new brands who make vegan egg and cheese so much better than they used to be back then…. bring them back and maybe don't tell them what they are eating because the brain can heavily influence acceptance of something.

    Also yeah the cow doesn't mind being milked, by her own baby sucking at her tits, not having her baby robbed just minutes after she gave birth so she cries for days sometimes tries to folllow her baby who gets kidnapped to be killed for veil and then stands there in a barn with so many other victims day in day out to have her milk stolen until she runs dry, just to simply get impregnated again until her body is so worn out that she is also slaughtered for her tired tortured body for meat. Sounds like a Life you'd want? Not to shabby huh? Maybe farmers would take Human volunteers or would it be considered rape and inhumane or even gross to drink breastmilk when you are an adult specially when its human, so from your own kind. The most horrible of all the industries by far is Dairy.

  4. People like the fake meats etc, but I think best for vegans to just enjoy grains, legumes, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, and fungus cooked as themselves. For example, you can make a real nice black bean burger that no one expects to taste like meat, but tastes like a real nicely spiced bean patty in a bun with all the normal condiments. Kinder to the animals, healthier, and more eco- friendly – also delicious as itself.

  5. I also don't like the taste of most vegan food. But I make a very good tofu chili, mushroom and potato miso stew and chocolate chick pea breakfast cake. Most stuff I tried vegan, from pizza to burgers, yogurt, mayo, hot dogs etc were awful. I'm not really trying to find a meat taste, just something delicious and it's not going well so far.

  6. I note the clear bias in the presentations of the meals side-by-side.
    If you had to choose on looks alone, you'd be influenced in favor of the vegan meals.
    In my opinion, the video would be a lot more credible if the comparisons were equitable.

  7. My sister makes things from vegan cupcakes from Isa Moskowitz and Terry Romero their book. We had to find something because my niece will die if she has eggs and milk and other things. We are all amazed by their series of little books.

  8. Had a vegan burger by mistake took one bite almost done threw up. No wonder doctors say it’s not a healthy way of living. Being a plant eater is not for humans but some animals. Yuk I’ll stick to my beef pork and chicken now that’s yummy

  9. Lol at how pale and sad they make the HUMAN food seem like, its not dangerous if you put some green beans and a slice of tomato next to HUMAN food guys, it wont go boom, we are omnivores, not carnivores.

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