23 Replies to “eCom – Review Breitling pulls out of Basel & SalonQP cancels 2019”

  1. Also, why not keep and wear the Batman… and sell some of the others?… If you indeed appreciate the Batman, then enjoy it and sell some others… I had a Batman, sold it, and luckily got one back. But, I would not recommend that approach.

  2. Reply to GO, their sixties collection especially the bright colours are ace, then there is their mad stuff like the panoretrograph with has a countdown timer with little alarm when reaching zero, all high end mechanical. Look at their big date and notice how seamless it is compared to the Lange one!!

  3. I made a comment about Theo and Harris the other day about him being a young kid fresh out of high school , I don't him, I'm just a little frustrated with people calling him and Authority, And just because he has watches for sale doesn't make him a Authority he's way too young and doesn't have the experience yet so please don't base the price of watches on what he thinks they may be and talk to somebody that's probably been in the business for 10 to 15 years in my opinion he is very pompous and very arrogant he does have overpriced watches again again I'm not hating on the man he does have to run a business I get that but he is too young to be the go-to person sorry if you thought my prior comment was hating

  4. Could it be that baselworld will evolve to a show that sells watches to the customer and add in some food and drink components? An all in piss up for watch enthusiasts. Brilliant!

  5. Basel is just not a big deal to me. I’m in the US. So don’t have the funds or priority to go to Basel. I’ll just wait to hear about the Brands new models via media. If I lived nearby within driving distance I’d would go.

  6. Hey Adrian,
    I'm still getting replies from the losers that had beef with your appearance at Baselworld. They just won't let it go. Really weird that men are so concerned with your looks. Well whatever man. Great content from Basel and looking forward to anything else you put out from it. Keep up the great work.
    Best regards,
    Sir Willie Stroker

  7. George Kern told us at Basel that it is too late in the year to introduce new models and they will be doing large roadshows in various locations earlier in the year.

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